A little about me ...

Hi I'm Tanya.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I'm a therapeutic midwife and I help women restore and maintain their emotional health throughout childbearing.

The basis of my work is supporting women through anxiety, conflicting emotions and trauma as a result of infertility, miscarriage, later term loss and traumatic birth or postnatal period. 

I offer a safe space and unhurried sessions that combine traditional therapy with therapeutic tools in deep relaxation. My experience is that this integrative appproach works to facilitate healing at a conscious and unconscious level.

Sessions are always at your pace, yet purposeful and focused on the way forward.  

Background & Training

Certified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner 

PG Dip KGHypnobirthing 

NMC Registered Midwife 

Bachelor of Midwifery BoM (Hons: First) Midwifery -

The University of Manchester 

MA Development Studies (Merit) -

The University of Manchester 

Bachelor of Science BSc (Hons: First) Counselling and Therapeutic Studies - Leeds Metropolitan University